Skousen Unmasked

11 Aug

The author of the Religion for Mormons blog doesn’t pull any punches when sharing his views on Cleon Skousen:

I’ve been responding a bit to several other blogs centered around W Cleon Skousen’s sophomoric ramblings about the “Atonement,” and other “deep” or “advanced” folk-doctrines still being hailed as his masterworks. I’ll just summarize my response to these claims briefly:

First of all, we have his highly exaggerated FBI “experience,” which consisted almost exclusively of shuffling papers in the outback with no security access to anything of world or national importance. The fact that he was a rabid anti-Communist and J Edgar may have given him a short offhand nod according to Skousen’s camp or that at his death somebody somewhere asked him to give a speech commemorating Hoover’s service to the country, amounts to nothing. In the world of mindless, foaming anti-Communists, there are enough loons to go around that somebody connected somehow to Hoover would end up looking like, or would be made to look like they endorsed W Cleon Skousen. The fact remains that the FBI officially condemned and divorced themselves from his efforts, his ramblings, his writings, his speechmaking, and the official FBI position on Willy Skousen was that he was doing more harm than good, and actually obfuscated, confused, and inhibited the serious work of sorting out credible risks to national security. As for the recurring claims of his devotees that he was fired as chief of police by a lawless Salt Lake mayor who hated the way he enforced the law equally and fairly, and wouldn’t look the other way when the bigwigs had a game of cards–the overwhelming assessment of his stint as Top Cop in Salt Lake City was that his approach to law enforcement was a combination of Barney Fife and Joe Stalin.

Mayor Lee’s firing of Skousen caused a major shock within conservative political circles – both in Utah and nationally. [For a detailed discussion of the Lee-Skousen feud, see “Political Feud in Salt Lake City: J. Bracken Lee and the Firing of W. Cleon Skousen”, by Dennis L. Lythgoe, Utah Historical Quarterly, Fall 1974, or see Lythgoe’s subsequent book, Let ‘Em Holler: A Political Biography of J. Bracken Lee – Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society, 1982.]

In August 1960, Mayor Lee wrote a letter to Mrs. Elizabeth Laine of Arcadia, CA in which he made the following comments:

“To further explain my position, let me say this, that while Mr. Skousen has written a book and talks against Communism, actually he conducted his office as Chief of Police in exactly the same manner in which the Communists operate their government.  The man is also a master of half-truths.  In at least three instances I have proved him to be a liar before the City Commissioners and the newspaper reporters.  To me, he is a very dangerous man because he preaches one thing, practices another, does not tell the truth, and cannot be relied upon.  He also was one of the greatest spenders of public funds of anyone who ever served in any capacity in Salt Lake City government.”  [HQ 67-69602, #286; 8/8/60 letter from J. Bracken Lee to Mrs. Elizabeth Laine, Arcadia CA]

When the Educational News Service of Fullerton, CA ran a favorable article about Skousen in its March 31, 1960 issue, Mayor Lee sent them a blistering 3-page response (with copies to 13 other individuals who served on the Board of Directors of the News Service).  Among the accusations made by Lee are the following comments concerning Skousen’s 1958 book, The Naked Communist:

“Your article further states that my charge that Mr. Skousen had been using City Police secretarial assistance in the writing of this book was without foundation.  The records will show to the satisfaction of anyone that he did use City Policemen and secretaries both to compile, typewrite, and assemble his notes on this book.  While I certainly do not object to the writing of a book in opposition to Communism, I do not think it is right that City funds and personnel be used to write a book which resulted in personal gain to that writer.”   [HQ 67-69602, #290; 8/16/60 letter by J. Bracken Lee to Mr. Edward T. Price, President, Education Information Inc of Fullerton CA.]

After termination as Police Chief, Skousen then ran for the Republican nomination for Governor of Utah and his campaign literature included the phrase, “Served his country in the FBI 16 years, 4 of them as Administrative Assistant to J. Edgar Hoover during World War II, a top assignment.” [HQ 67-69602, #287; Bureau file copy notation on outgoing 1/12/61 letter to Mrs. Norman Hartnett, Bakersfield CA mentions his campaign literature.]

J. Edgar Hoover received numerous inquiries about Skousen’s description of himself. His replies declared that: “For your information, Mr. Skousen did not have the title ‘Administrative Assistant’ while in the FBI” and “In response to your inquiry, I wish to advise that there is no such position in the FBI entitled Administrative Assistant to the Director”. [See for example, Hoover’s 4/19/61 reply to Rev. Harry C. Carlson of La Habra CA which is HQ file 94-47468, serial #28 and his 11/1/61 reply to David A. Moynan Jr., Chairman of Operation Americanism, Jefferson Parish Junior Chamber of Commerce, which is HQ file 94-47468, serial #37 and his April 10, 1962 reply to inquiry by Mrs. A.M. Donaldson of Cardiff CA which is HQ file 94-47468, serial #46.]

While on a general level there’s nothing unusual about somebody puffing up a resume to get a job, the fact is, Willard Skousen was a conssumate BS artist on ever level of his personal, political, religious, and “academic” pursuits. Like Lucifer, master of the half-truth and the credible lie, Cleon Skousen never gained any official sanction from anyone of any legal, political, academic or religious authority and had to rely on bold assertion and vague allusion. He never, for example, and to the possible surprize of most of his fans, published a scrap of anything about anything, political or religious through BYU or any other authoritative LDS institution, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. He was flat out rejected by the First Presidency, shunned at BYU, and eventually kicked off campus and banished from recruiting through LDS connections of any sort by both BYU Administration and the First Presidency in concerted movement.

The problem I have with making an effort at diluting the tendency toward invective in my examination of Skousen and his cultic following, comes from attempting to make a person who should according to all objective criteria, already be overtly silly-looking on his face, look even sillier just to make the point. This situation exists because Cleon Skousen is not an individual to be examined on his singular intellectual or “spiritual” merits. Skousen can only be examined in the context of a multi-generational cloud of gaseous, ignorant postulation and self-promotion, lapped up for decades now by a devout, well-meant, if ignorant cult of personality.

Willy Skousen’s purely “Mormon” minions universally dismiss his clearly paranoid and delusional political hysteria with the oft-used phrase: “I don’t care what his political beliefs are, I’m only interested in his great “gospel” insights.” The problem with a “neutral” examination of Willy Skousen on a theological level, however, is that he is the object of adoration of an international fan-base of Mormon worshippers, yet is a non-entity within the ecclesiastical and therefore doctrinal structure of the LDS Church. Any “insights” he may or may not have are meaningless, and he has no particular right or permission much less authority to preach his personal “gospel” to anyone, particularly so vast a gullible and receptive audience teeming adoringly after his every scrap of wisdom, within the ranks of the LDS faith. Willy Skousen isn’t merely a nice old geezer harmlessly weaving Utah folk-doctrine into clever little books he gets you to pay for. He’s a sub-culture. He’s a very dedicated, self-promoting “wisdom” industry. And yet, I am invited to refrain from invective when examining the notion that his often bizarre perspective should be given great credence simply because his followers think he’s a nice guy. Oh yes, he’s not a General Authority, they contend as if it actually makes sense to them, but he had friends who were, and he makes all sorts of allusions to secret insight he got from them that these original sources for “obvious” reasons–nudge nudge–don’t of course ever publish or endorse. He’s rubbed elbows with all the “greats,” and gee, he’s such a kindly, spiritual old figure he really ranks up there with Brigham Young and Joseph Smith anyway for all practical purposes. In fact, he’s got such a great insight into what all those scribbled old journals and doctrinal rumor mills have been parsing out for generations, he’s actually more accurate and reliable than any of the “official” Church authorities.

“I’m only trying to give the best answers I can,” he softly apologizes to his critics, in an affected tone of humility. “If you can come up with a better answer, I’d be glad to hear it…”

How about this Willard? Shut the hell up. You are not the Answer Man. If the First Presidency doesn’t think it’s important to provide the answers you’re trying guess and fabricate and pull out of your spiritual arse, who areyou to second guess both the canon and the living prophets? And who is this other guy that you’re encouraging to make even bigger and better guesses at these, secret, convoluted, cosmic “Truths” you like to make up out of fairy dust and some nebulous comment you overheard in the hall from some GA or the other? This other guy is a good-intentioned patsy you’re perverting, contaminating and corrupting, and dragging down to speculative hell along with you. That’s who this other guy is.

And that other guy could be you!

Cleon Skousen is a creature of mythology. Cleon Skousen is spreading myth, not doctrine. And now, W Cleon Skousen has become a myth himself. And instead of his presumptious, spiritual theorizing having the good grace to die with him, his devoted coven of friends and defenders continue to perpetuate his entirely unauthoritative rambling as if his power to seduce the Mormon mind was controlling them from beyond the grave. Why? Because Skousen was one of the first to capitalize on the myth that LDS general authorities are all walking around the temple talking directly to Jesus all day, and are posessed of volumes of great, deep, secret knowledge and wisdom. And Skousen was one of the first, after William Bennet or say, Sampson Avard, to sucessfully convince masses of the LDS faithful that there is something so special about himself that all of these great LDS authorities are just begging to have him as their confidant.

“Modern” LDS authorities of course “water down” all the “hard doctrines” Skousen likes to allude to, in order to make a mass-appeal more palatable to the ignorant, spiritually retarded masses from which the missionary program has to recruit new membership. After all, those prophets and apostles can’t really tell us all they know about these “higher doctrines,” so we’re just lucky to have old Willy on hand to discretely let us in on all the inner secrets. This is not invective, this is not vitriol, this is the premise upon which one has to hinge any acceptance of anything Cleon Skousen has promoted his entire life, spiritually, doctrinally, or for that matter politically.

And the really really funny thing, if you want to look at blatantly obvious absurdity for absurdity’s sake, is that Willard Skousen is so allegedly loved and chummy with all these LDS prophets and apostles, according to his own allusions and the repeated mantra of the personal faith-based cult he founded, that these men of God feel they just have to compulsively reveal all the restricted information God has told them to withold from mankind because Willard is such a spiritual and personal buddy. God actually compels these prophets to sneak these cosmic tidbits from God’s ear to theirs, and then off to Willy Skousen over a can of soda while sharing some tall tales about shuffling papers with the FBI in Kansas City that have evolved into World Commie Hunting adventures. The irony there is that, well, he’s so allegedly chummy and beloved by the apostles and prophets according to his own boasting and the belief of his disciples, yet somehow neither the LDS leadership nor God Almighty ever once thought to extend a call that would put him officially and legitimately amongst their company. What was God thinking about when he overlooked that?

Furthermore, it should be equally obvious that whatever casual side-commentary apostle “Mormon Q. Mormon” passed on to one Willard Cleon Skousen in the hallway of the Church Offices or randomly at some speech or outing or devotional gathering, is likewise as irrelevant as anything Skousen himself had to expound upon these mythical, covert insights. No single LDS authority has any calling or authority to expound, expand, or invent “doctrine” above and beyond the Standard Works, and the official, correlated materials authorized by the First Presidency.

End of debate Cleon. There are no “higher” doctrines. There are only “doctrines,” and stuff neither we nor the Brethren have any right or authority to comment upon. Doctrine is defined by the First Presidency and officially published. And the get it from God only if God wants it gotten. You aren’t and never have been invited into that inner circle of authority. Sorry.

As I’ve said before, Hitler was a nice guy if you were one of his crowd. This isn’t a personal attack, this is a sociological examination of the Skousen phenomenon. Popularity is no indication of correctness or “inspiration.” The NAZI’s were incredibly popular–if you were a German recovering from a really crappy treaty that destroyed your economy after WWI. That indeed, Adolph Hitler or Cleon Skousen had a few bright things to say is less important to me or the history of the LDS Church than the fact that no matter what Skousen had to say, or how “bright” it seemed to appear to either you, me, or friends in the ecclesiastical structure at times, the bottom line is he is, was, and remains a nobody in the LDS theological scheme. Cleon Skousen had no more “authority” to delineate the Lord’s Word than Adolph Hitler. It matters not what either had to say therefore.

That’s not a personal attack, that’s just a fact. Willy Skousen had and has, and will never have, any more authority to babble about “doctrine” or the makeup of the universe than I have. Or any of you have. The only difference between you or me and Willard Cleon Skousen is a few buddies who ended up in the LDS hierarchy, and a shameless knack for self-promotion. Why anyone would defer to Skousen in any doctrinal matter baffles me, and why so many feel their own spiritual or intellectual discernment is so humble in comparison to Skousen’s inflated estimate of his own entirely unauthorized speculations is just plain insulting to the general LDS membership.

My invective is not directed at Willard Skousen so much as those who worship him. Unfortunately, I can’t say that he didn’t deliberately and very actively recruit his following. No, he wasn’t excommunicated or preaching overt heresy and rebellion. He remained “liked” by most LDS General Authorities. But he simply couldn’t shut up and let certain questions go unanswered. Like many Latter-day Saints, Cleon felt his personal intelligence entitled him to insight into any subject in the universe, literally any subject in the universe, and God would provide the inspiration for the answer. Anywhere there was a gap or an opening in LDS dogma where Willard Skousen could stick his intellectual crowbar in and wedge himself inside, there he would be–for time and all eternity.

The only thing worse than a vicious tyrant and self-promoter like Hitler, is a kindly, lovable, well-meaning old codger like Cleon Skousen. It’s easy to see the faults and the damage an Adolph Hitler is doing to God’s Creation. It’s not so easy to identify and condemn the damage a chummy Uncle Cleon” is doing to God’s organization on this planet. In fact, it’s easy and credible to internalize and incorporate his postulations into your daily “belief system.” And then you’re no longer a Latter-day Saint, not even a “Mormon.” Then you’re just a Skousenite.

And that’s the way Satan really works. Through a kindly, mild-mannered, Cleon Skousen. That’s the true Satanic genius–not force and oppression, but a carefully administered and reasoned program of distraction and dilution and corruption. You don’t go through the Aryan Master Race and by force destroy the work of God. You lay the seeds of perversion and corruption and sophistry, through a kindly old Uncle Cleon.

In the latter days even God’s elect will be deceived. That’s God’s Word talking about us. That’s you and me. That’s even or perhaps particularly addressed to the LDS Church and its leadership, and even more so, the likes of Willy Skousen or any of those who would make his LDS mystical subculture their primary source of information and inspiration.

Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:22

22 For in those days there shall also arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch, that, if possible, they shall deceive the very elect, who are the elect according to the covenant.


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3 responses to “Skousen Unmasked

  1. lrwhitney

    August 12, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Thanks for the repost. I’ve polished a word here and there for clarity and whatnot but feel free to spread the word.

  2. scott

    April 20, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Thank you for this. every now and then Skousen surfaces and I’m always a little unclear as to just what the heck he was trying to accomplish.
    The good doctor had a great deal of charisma, and to a weakened soul trying to find his way back to the Iron Rod, this can be a dangerous thing. False prophets are everywhere and their lure is irresistable at times.

  3. Montana Vincent

    February 7, 2016 at 10:41 am

    My heart breaks. It is the Skousenites who brought a dear man to his death in the Oregon back country.


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